2019 River City Wood Design, LLC.

Our Story

River City Wood Design was created to make hand-made custom furniture available at a reasonable price to the Greater Louisville area.  We pride ourselves on using only the finest sustainable hardwoods available by creating furniture that will be passed down for generations to come.  We work closely with each of our customers to ensure design and specifications exceed all expectations.


RCWD was created by Trevor Black, Charlie Gorman, and Clayton Jackson.  Charlie was working for a hardwood company and noticed the increasing demand for a finished wood product.  Clayton's background in engineering and love for tinkering was perfect for the craftsman job.

Trevor was a close friend of the two and his unique experience in sales and marketing added the icing to the cake.  Since 2018 the three members have been serving the furniture industry.

All three members live in Louisville, using the city as inspiration to build the company name.  "We love serving our city, but have been fortunate to have reached other areas of the region such as Lexington, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Columbus, Chicago, Nashville, and more.  A couple things we all have in common is a passion for woodworking and bringing quality custom furniture to life.  We are fortunate to represent our city and do what we love every day!