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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of Wood finishes do you use?

We recommend using Rubio Monocoat Pure, which is a plant-based, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) free, FSDA approved & natural oil finish.  Rubio’s brings out the natural grain of each piece with a nice matte finish.  We also use Osmo, which is another oil based finish we enjoy using for its durability.  We will be happy to help you select the proper finish that will be ideal for your specific project.  We can also use any finish the customer might prefer and to fit each specific budget. 

How do you fill any cracks/knots?


Each piece of wood is treated differently.  When dealing with cracks that meet the requirement an inlay and epoxy will both be used.  Otherwise it comes to the aesthetics – some people like a nice clean and flush service, while others appreciate keeping it as natural as possible.

Which species of wood do you work with most, or prefer to work with?


We love to work with all types of wood, but love to work with Black Walnut.  Walnut is known for its dark color and great durability. 

What are your favorite projects to work on?


We love doing any type of collaboration project with our clients.  A lot of the time, people will come to us with the type of furniture they want.  Recently one of our customers specified that all she wanted was a kitchen table.  We were able to show her past designs and examples of different tops and bases and it made for a great project design! As live edge slabs and furniture have become increasingly popular, we have the ability to get a little creative while designing these pieces.  

What is the moisture content of the wood you use?


Anything we use for furniture grade is between 6-8% moisture content.  From experience and research, this is the optimal range and helps prevent any movement in the wood.  We are extremely careful with the timing of making each cut and use a process that will lead to the greatest longevity of your new piece.  There is a lot of detail and precision in timing your cut as well as applying finish to ensure the best results.  This is why we keep everything at a controlled relative humidity so the wood is stable and acclimated to the environment.  There are other techniques and tricks that we have learned over the years and continue to learn about wood and how to control movement.  Working with wood is always tricky and always fun to be able to work with and see the final product. 


Commercial or Residential?

We love the ability to work with a range of different customers, so it is difficult to choose one over the other.  One of our favorite projects for residential is wood countertops.  With countertops we really have the ability to work with exact sizes and is always a fun challenge to be able to craft the different angles and cuts.  Intricate pieces like these always give the best handcrafted and custom look that really sets the decor from anything else that exists.  We love receiving compliments from our customers saying they love having people over and showing off their unique pieces to their friends. The best part about commercial is the ability to create a design and repeat it.  Other times it can be hands on where no single part is the same.  For example a hotel - from creating the bar, to the unique table tops, to the console and bench tables.  There is so much room for creativity with custom design and woodworking and the journey is always the  most thrilling part.Although both are meticulous jobs using different kinds of hardwoods, we love to be able to work with each customer.